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--EVA Overview--

In 1995, five years after Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Studio Gainx launched a stunningly new animated series. That series, Shinseiki Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion), started with the commonly used mecha-anime genre and quickly set its self apart climbing until it became distinguished over nearly all others. Hailed as one of the most controversial and sought out series of all time, with unsurpassed storytelling, Evangelion became one of the finest achievements in the history of visual entertainment. Clouded with the pessimistic vision of a broken world the epic questions the meanings of life and to being human through a young boys scathed psyche living in a closed world, and a 29 year old woman deject from her haunting past. With a sense of high mystery, Sci-Fi action, and ideas drawing on biblical references, the series challenges ideals and questions morals. Originally developed by Dr. Hideaki Anno, with a desire to throw feelings onto film, Shinseiki Evangelion, composed of 26 episodes and two movies, accompanied by a following manga, has moved around the world, been produced in many languages, and currently has plans in shooting a live-action version film. Today it is still considered as one of the finest in its field, a gem still leaving its mark on the world.